It was 6 on a regular Friday evening when it happened back in 2014.

I was half way through my Math tuition when my mum broke the news that my brother was involved in a car accident and we rushed to the hospital in no time. The roads were exceptionally congested on that day, minutes became hours and it took longer than usual to arrive. While weaving through traffic, we received a phone call from the hospital redirecting us to go straight to the Forensic Department and even so, everything happened too quickly that I was still confused of the whole situation. As much as I feared the worst that could possibly happen to my brother, death never crossed my mind. Our hearts sank and there was a complete moment of silence in the Forensic room. I did not cry because I wasn’t sure what to feel at that moment.

It was raining heavily at midnight that day when I woke up weeping silently and finally came to realisation. I disregarded when my mum told me to give my brother a call (it was unknowingly minutes before the accident happened) as I thought we were going to meet in just a couple of hours. Little did I know, that would be my last conversation with my brother, the phone call that never happened. I was full of regrets and wished I could turn back time. Losing my loving brother is the most painful experience I have ever had and truth is, grief never gets easier, I just learned how to live with it. It is doubtlessly an important lesson I’ve learnt – Life is fragile, and we should all live in the moment.

Memories fade but jewellery is forever. ‘LIT Moment’ necklace was created to keep your memories close to heart. Made up of stainless steel with vacuum plating, we promise you the highest quality and longevity to denote your precious moments in life. We want you to personalise your very own engraving on it and let the pendant tell your story.


Designer & Creative Director, Tang Ling